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New MGA 3-Year Forecast Tool (3-Part Webinar) Registration

This new 3-part webinar series provides the necessary training to:

  • develop a process to gather the necessary information required to complete a quality three year forecast!
  • customize a three year forecasting spreadsheet/tool (included) that meets the needs for MGA compliance and your municipality’s long-term planning!
  • integrate an easy-to-use tool for operating budget building and forecasting.
  • learn how to identify risks, opportunities and challenges in your municipality’s operations.
  • forecast tax growth and future tax increase requirements.
  • forecast the municipal revenue envelope to comprehensively understand your municipalities’ resource needs to maintain services.
  • automatically calculate municipal price inflation (MPI) impacts understand inflation risks and justify tax increase requirements.

    Session Location Time Date
    1 Webinar May 21, 23 & 24 (each day from 10:00 to 11:30 am) May 21st, 2019 - May 24th, 2019

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