What’s On First Base Live Online Seminar

What's On First Base Live Online Seminar

CAD $445.00
What's On First Base Live Online Seminar

What's On First Base Live Online Seminar

CAD $445.00
Model Number: gdmci-1

Thursday, March 23, 2023
9:00am – 12:00pm
Online Webinar

When wheels on a vehicle are not aligned, there is a lot of wear on the tires and excess fuel used. It takes a lot of physical energy to avoid going off the road! The same applies to the strategic alignment imperative among and between elected officials, management, and/or staff.

Join this session to learn how to ensure your ‘local government’ vehicle is aligned the next ‘budget’ road trip!

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GFOA ALBERTA MEMBERS PRICE: $395.00  |  NON MEMBER PRICE: $445.00 Civic leadership success requires council and administration energy as well as departmental resources focused on complex community  opportunities and challenges. It is therefore incumbent on finance officers in local government to have tools and processes to: Ensure realistic priorities that match organizational capacity and budget Get the strategic plan off the shelf and into tangible action plans Cascade council priorities into operational work programs Conduct regular check-ins to celebrate progress and make adjustments We will create a ‘community’ simulation to move from strategic topics to strategies priorities that match organizational capacity. Integrate contemporary leadership skills with ‘real life’ strategic topics and political/administrative situations in partnership with colleagues. You will leave this session with techniques, a tool kit, guidelines, and ideas to make an immediate leadership difference in your organization: Strategic Priority Process via a step-by-step guide Priority Setting Criteria to ensure realistic strategic choices Strategic Dashboard to ensure practical directions and priorities Join colleagues for a highly interactive opportunity to enhance strategic thinking, process facilitation, political savvy and solution seeking abilities. The session will be facilitated by Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM who has delivered over 1,400 sessions for 150,000 civic officials throughout Canada and overseas. Dr. Gordon McIntosh has over 40 years of executive, consultant, and educator roles in local government. He received the Professional Award for Excellence while serving as the Islands Trust Executive Director for the 470 Gulf Islands in the Georgia Basin. Gordon has conducted 1,400 sessions for associations, local governments and universities involving 150,000 elected and appointed civic leaders throughout Canada and overseas.